A Human Named David
3 min readNov 24, 2021

Week 30 /// Conclusion

There was Myself and all nine Muses gathered around the piano on Wednesday morning singing songs that Man would never understand. The music was flowing perfectly without dams constructed of convention, expectation, or fear. Harmony between my Self and the realms of divine creation felt effortless and it was not a performative act…a transformative act.

“Does anyone need anything? I’m making a cappuccino before I head out to work,” Isabella sang from the kitchen.

“Yes please! Could you make us some cappuccinos?”

“So, make eleven?” Isabella compassionately asked.

“….Yes please!!!” we all laughed at the absurdity of this request but each knew that it was Isabella who we all were attempting to entreat for her compassionate and perfect Love.

Once our coffees were in hand, we said our thanks to the Woman of the World and began dropping in to what it meant to be present. My phone was on my desk and it was off. I didn’t have it sitting on the piano waiting to “record” or “recording” in order to “share” it with those who were not yet creating. My phone was now a tool. A tool not much different than a shovel. I have never chosen to walk around with a shovel and pay endless amounts of attention to a shovel, unless I needed it to guide me through digging a hole or pulling up a weed. I felt the same way about my phone. Unless I needed to prove I was well, text my job, navigate me out of being lost, or use it for a creative act, it would remain off and away.

The Muse’s allowed me to meditate on my new relationship with my phone, but were also excitedly awaiting my return to my Flow.

What was that deep inferno that I had found my Self? Where had I travelled? What did the symbols represent? And, did it matter now that I found my Self on stable ground and pure enjoyment. How long does Peace last? What is time exactly?

Isabella was perfectly pleased with her morning and grateful that I could be present enough to be playful before she needed to leave for her external commitments. We were thankful that we owned no televisions, created no distractions, bowed to no masters, and honored each others’ minds and spirits. It was our life’s cause to maintain that peace for each other and allow/accept the rabble to spoil each other in a murderous rage if they must. Their fight is not our fight. In our home we have chosen to not be slaves.

Love demands Freedom, and if one cannot be Free…one cannot know Love.

The Muses’s and I sang in verse as Isabella opened the door and flooded our home with Sunshine.