Batten Down The Hatches

  1. A dedicated journal. This is where we will document the process in quantitative and qualitative fashions. I want to know specs. I want to see and study exactly how it is that I am using my phone. The journal will help me document this subconscious relationship.
  2. A purpose for living. If one is not clear on why they would like to make a change in their behavior, the behavior will have no motivation to change. What are we living for? What is our relationship to technology keeping us from? Are we stagnant towards something we know we should have? What is it?
  3. A friend. Reach out and tell someone that you are doing this for yourself. Calmly and cooly fill them in on your process towards freedom. You may inevitably need to have this conversation with some people when you aren’t responding to their texts immediately after you receive it. I have already told a lot of people about my journey. I will be sending e-mail correspondence of it in just a few minutes.
  4. A Warrior’s Will. I WILL win this challenge. I will fail along the way. But, my intention is Hattori Hanzō steel. My habits will be dealt with in a 30-week long fatal and then transformative blow.




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A Human Named David

A Human Named David


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