Batten Down The Hatches

A Human Named David
4 min readNov 22, 2020

It’s time for a change. At thirty-one years of age on the traditional western calendar, it’s no longer acceptable to be driving down the road, find myself stopped at a red light, and witness my Self from almost a bird’s eye view reach for my phone without even looking for it in an eagles grip. At thirty-one years of age on the traditional western calendar, it is no longer acceptable for me to compulsively and obsessively check my e-mail almost 40 times a day; only to find, not only no meaningful correspondence whatsoever, but endless amounts of advertisements swooping in to steal my day and hoping to capitalize on an impulsive moment. I need to get free. I want to LIVE my LIFE.

This is preparation for a 30 week re-education. I have far too many other things that I know belong in a featured position in my day. I would like to create more music, write books, hang out with my people, and think deeply and clearly. Intellectually, I know the value of boredom and the epiphanies that stem from “doing nothing,” but there is a force that pings me with illusory tasks to be accomplished NOW…so I end up going and chasing down my iPhone. It’s ridiculous! It’s sad! It’s embarrassing! I know that I want more for my Self and my Life. I really do wish to free my mind because I can comfortably say…right here and right now…That I am A Slave. These companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all of the corporate “news” conglomerates) own my attention span and the stories that circulate throughout my mind during the day. If I am going to be present enough to experience this opportunity of LIFE before I die, then I must get serious about making a few changes.

This is what we will need.

  1. A dedicated journal. This is where we will document the process in quantitative and qualitative fashions. I want to know specs. I want to see and study exactly how it is that I am using my phone. The journal will help me document this subconscious relationship.
  2. A purpose for living. If one is not clear on why they would like to make a change in their behavior, the behavior will have no motivation to change. What are we living for? What is our relationship to technology keeping us from? Are we stagnant towards something we know we should have? What is it?
  3. A friend. Reach out and tell someone that you are doing this for yourself. Calmly and cooly fill them in on your process towards freedom. You may inevitably need to have this conversation with some people when you aren’t responding to their texts immediately after you receive it. I have already told a lot of people about my journey. I will be sending e-mail correspondence of it in just a few minutes.
  4. A Warrior’s Will. I WILL win this challenge. I will fail along the way. But, my intention is Hattori Hanzō steel. My habits will be dealt with in a 30-week long fatal and then transformative blow.

The goal is not to never use the phone again. The goal is to evolve the relationship between my Self and the technology in order to win back precious time for activities that will allow me to better understand my Self. I wish to cultivate more enjoyment in my day and to feel happier. I wish to use the tool; without being used by the tool with a slack jaw KNOWING that I am being used and toyed with in the moment.

I am the Master of my Self. I desire Freedom while I am alive. I am ready. I will begin Week One next Monday. This week, I will prepare.

Please Try Peace,


Book I am reading now : The Rape of the Mind — Joost Meerloo