Free Fall / A Most Persuasive Questionnaire

A Human Named David
4 min readJul 5, 2021

Week 21

I had made my declaration of intent and had saddled my Ass with all that I had learned thus far. I had one more rope connecting me to this place and had decided not to disconnect or sever it so that I could always remember and keep in mind the pure agony of being completely tied down by all nine tethers of Self. I was now ready to travel down “the path” toward reentry. I began walking and meditating on the clicking of the hoofs of the Ass and counting them to try and gauge how far it was that we had been walking. All of a sudden, in the dark, I bumped directly into the soft velvet robes of my teacher and Guide.

“Dante, I am ready to leave this place. I am ready to travel the path!” I tearfully confessed.

“I’m so glad that you feel that you’re ready to walk. Though, David, this path is not a gravel road…it is a FREE FALL. Good bye and good luck.”

Before I had a moment to process that, the ground vanished beneath me and my stomach shot up into my throat.

I was falling.

My animal was falling much faster than I was. I had been waiting and waiting to hit some sort of surface and be done with it all, but it seemed as though I had leveled out and had just gotten used to this free fall. I began breathing along with it. As soon as I was comfortable, I had realized that I had landed on a ledge of some kind; a shaky and treacherous cliffside. On this cliffside was a man in a very colorful robe standing behind an infinitely long scroll. He wielded a quill with neon pink paint dripping from the tip. His demeanor was something that I could never expect in this most unpleasant hell. He was jolly and joyful and had no time or interest in small talk whatsoever. All he wished to do was get right to business. What an outrageous trip this had been thus far.

here in this scroll!

Would you rather be a slave or a free man?

If it were guaranteed that your fame would mean your ABSOLUTE Slavery, would you accept your fame? What would you accept instead?

Would you rather be ignored or enslaved?

Would you willingly bow to another man’s will and do all of that which he requests without question? Voluntarily? Do you have that slug in you?

Do you have total faith in your Ego? Are you so severely sure that it steers you in a healthy and virtuous direction?

If you were placed on a rack to be tortured, on a scale of one to ten how loudly do you think you would scream and wail and cry for your god?

How worthy do you feel you are for your ultimate Salvation? On a scale of one to ten.

If it was revealed to you that men are actively fucking, toying, and spying on you through your phone…how much would you say you’d like to use it every day? I will hold you to this number. If you exceed it excessively, I’ll shut your mind down.

If you’re so interested in re-entering the world, WHY? What do you have to live for?

I answered these questions over a span of two weeks time, eating nothing but insects crawling up the walls of this forsaken cliffside, drinking nothing but my own saliva. The Ass was withering in the corner, I thought it might be dead soon. I worked quickly without fear with my Ass in mind. I wished to keep it breathing. With each answer, something cracked open within me. My sword of Truth was pulsing blood red. I guess I was charging it or something (?). I was never given a color guide to understand this sword. The more honest I was, the more I could feel my blood bubble and get hot within me. My muscles were bulging and growing. My heart was pounding! The hairs of my arms and legs were standing straight up like they were all at attention. I signed my name at the bottom, and again, the ground disappeared completely. This time, I outstretched my arms and fell like an olympic diver plunging into a pool that would never arrive. I was more free than I had been 336 hours ago.