A Human Named David
3 min readNov 7, 2021

Week 28

The digging wasn’t difficult. The challenge came as I continuously dug past pockets of the most extreme distractions that called bombastically and triumphantly for my attention. There was this one cavern that I barely dug past which was the cave of the crazed. The darkness was pulsing to the absolute edge with souls who had really gone insane from their sustained exposure to streams of falsified and corrupt news programs, celebrity endorsements, empty and poisoned media, and a chaotic political climate. I could hear all of their most enticing invitations, but I couldn’t see any of their faces because they were all wearing cloth masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I paused for a moment to ask one of them some questions.

“Hello! My name is David and I come in peace.”

“Hello David, my name is Rafael. Ask away.”

In between exchanges I watched this poor spirit gnaw at the skin of his right forearm. He was actively eating through himself.

“What do you attribute your madness to? How can I avoid it?” I compassionately and patiently inquired.

Rafael took a moment to laugh so hysterically clumps of flesh and streams of blood poured down his soot and dirt covered chin. “What do I attribute my madness to, you ask? Education of course! My teachers, all of my teachers, WERE FOOLS! They were in no position to teach me ANYTHING at all! So I grew up as ignorant as they, and I turned out to be just an average citizen with no drive, goals, purpose, or will to act. I watched every movie, followed every rule, had plenty of children (who of course followed my tradition of mediocrity), and drank myself half way to hell as you can see.”

I slowly began to dig again, I could see that he had began looking me up and down in a sort of a “I would really love to eat you” kind of way. He was not getting anywhere near me. I was too fast and rearing to get down to where I belonged.

“How do you dodge it?” he hissed, “This madness? Stay off your phone unless you absolutely NEED to be on it!!!! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR PHONES OVER HERE!!!!”

I dug past the tragedies, the news flashes, the holiday gatherings, the societal norms. I dug past the fame, the money, the adulation, the awards. I dug past the hypocrites, the hippies, the hipsters, and the homeless. I dug past the flags, and the anthems, the geographical maps, and coordinates. I dug past the right, the wrong, the good, the evil. I dug past the man, the woman, the birth, the death. I dug past the time, and space, and gravity, and concepts. I dug past the you, the I….

and dug headfirst into the concrete