The Arrival (PIANO)

A Human Named David
2 min readNov 14, 2021

Week 29

The NOW sure had a musty smell to it. It was almost as if someone had occupied the space before I had arrived…and really lived in it. Yes, it had a very ‘lived in’ smell. But who? I had lots of guesses. The space was also dead silent and empty. “HELLO?” I hollered. No response. Was literally everyone else occupied in the “future” and “past” spaces? Probably. Well, there I was in the NOW and all that I wanted was a coffee for godsakes and something to do.

“Hey there, David! I’m a subconscious representation of the love of your life who is waiting for you back home. It’s really great to have you in the NOW. What would you like to drink?”

“Cortado, please. And how is it that you just arrive with all of this gear?”

“When I’m making coffee,” she replied, “I am so intensely present. I have such a passion for what I do that I end up in this grey blob quite often…especially when I’m slingin’ spro.”

“Slingin spro…I like that,” I laughed.

I took one sip and the energy around me began to unfold. Dust particles began to quiver in mid-air and transform before my very eyes. Dust became more dust, and became larger dust, and then became a black cube. The black cube was shaking in the middle of the air almost as if it was a rubrics cube attempting to solve itself. Though each time it shock, it grew larger and larger and larger and larger and shifted and shaved itself into shape and then….

I sat down at it and died.