The Deceived

A Human Named David
3 min readFeb 20, 2021

Week 12

For two weeks, I dealt with my Self in the dark. I was so focused on the release of the first rope binding me to my puppeteer that I had forgotten what my task was. I was obsessed with relieving the pain and consumed with feeling “comfortable again.” Then, a shift occurred. I started LOVING and APPRECIATING my pain. I loved looking over to my right and my left and smiling at the hooks piercing my skin and tugging at my tendons. I began my meditation on poverty.

David, you have no food and no possessions. You do not have a home to live in or a bed to sleep in. You have no money to pay your bills and they are piling up while at the same time demolishing your “credit score.” In the eyes of the system, you are even more of a nothing than you were before your bank account was emptied. No one is reaching out to help you. You have gone a week feeling the most unbearable hunger and thirst. There is no one and no institution that will take you in. Your clothes are tattered and your reputation destroyed. What now?

I hung in the dark. My head lowered. My body heavy. Alive yet Empty. And then, SNAP!

“Come down now David. I need to show you something,” spoke my Guide from the depths. He looked as refreshed and renewed as a pristine field in the spring. His eyes blue and radiant. His hair golden and glowing. His skin translucent and unblemished.

We walked together through a corridor lined with television screens. We became introduced to a couple sitting comfortably alongside each other on a couch. We were in the den of The Deceived. Hundreds of news streams were blaring out of three hundred and fifty screens in front of the couple. Their eyes had fallen black. Their jaws were slackened and the couple was sitting in a pool of their drool. As I paid closer attention, I noticed that each one of the screens was reporting on the same event from an entirely different perspective. There were details omitted from that one, events exaggerated from that one, lies and lies and lies from that one, abstractions and distractions from that one, ulterior motives from that one. The poor souls looked on and nodded and accepted the information they were given. They were watching the news! There was nothing to question of course. The overwhelming output of these devices had completely incapacitated their Human minds. Vegetables. Worthless.

“Dante,” I whispered. “These souls are long gone.”

“I want you to recognize,” my Master spoke deliberately ‘‘that while you scroll through headlines and stories, your perspective and how you view the world is actively being manipulated. There are men and women sitting in board offices having meetings to discuss how best to rape your mind, David. That is right, it is The Rape of the Mind that is going on here and you have been assaulted for years and years and years. None of the information that you have received has been unbiased, or entirely accurate, or free from corporate stewardship. None of the information you have received has come from worthy philosophers or Kings or Queens of Spirit and Mind. You are currently being fed “news” that is produced, along with the money, in a treasury department of some lowland bank. Please, meditate for me for as long as it takes, on the nature of information and what is worthy of your time and energy. What do you need to know, and why?

I was dragged back through the corridor screaming bloody murder by the ties that bound, and hung again, in the dark, considering my Mind that had been brutally pummeled by the money. Did I know anything at all?