A Human Named David
4 min readAug 7, 2021

Week 23

I had embraced the fall by now. I was soaring through the darkness with arms spread, a HUGE smile on my face, and all the feelings that Superman must of had. I was backflipping, turning, corkscrewing, and just all around pulling off so major mid-air routines as I continued to drop further and further into my subconscious. Further below (and I mean FAR below) I began to make out clouds. There was a fog up ahead and I prepared for another stop on the journey. I was excited for the next test so I tensed up my muscles, put my arms and feet together, and shot down into the fog as straight as a pool cue. I know that if I had a camera crew watching me right now, I would have made Iron Man blush with how unapologetically badass I looked FLYING!

The fog was lavender. Millions and millions of gallons of diffused lavender, vanilla, cedar, eucalyptus, sage. The air smelled as heaven would surely smell if heaven wasn’t a place manifested in human folklore. The depths of self, you see, are very very very real. I was waiting to land on a ledge, but it wasn’t happening. So I closed my eyes and allowed the aromatherapy to do its thing.

All of a sudden my robes, my sweaty bloody grimy oily ripped and tattered robes, were being gently removed from my body. I was now in the hands of 9 women; my ancient and sacred Muse’s. They were privy to the initial look of surprise toward them and the radiant peace they allowed, but their touch and intention instantly settled my heart. I would have been more nervous had I not known that I was worthy of them. I was worthy of the care of a Woman, because I had finally felt as though I had become as close to a Man as I could have ever dreamed. They enjoyed me. I enjoyed them. Fair play.

My toenails were cut, my feet were cleaned and moisturized, my legs were exfoliated, my body scrubbed and my hair trimmed. My beard was shaved, my muscles massaged, my sex released, my eyes renewed, my ears nose and throat were cleaned out. I had been bedded, wedded, shedded, vetted, and drenched in intention. My Muses then excitedly gathered around me on this vast bed in such a giddy manner. It was as if I had been invited to their overnight party. They were so glad to include me in their abundance and gaiety that I was shocked at first, but I felt all the insecurity that I usually felt within myself totally fall away. I felt so comfortable being so close to them. We had such an amazing relationship. It was so healthy and LOVING!

My Muse then excitedly retrieved a gilded golden box and encouraged me to open it. At this time I had flowers in my hair and I was covered in the kisses of Woman. I was rich. There was nothing more I needed from this existence. I opened the box, and there was a platinum key. I only had one split second to look at the key before my ass grunted from the depths of the fog. I could see that my ass had gotten the royal treatment as well, for he was looking handsome! I don’t know if he had the capacity to really know how lucky he was, for sometimes he was known to be a dumbass.

I became the key, meaning the box no longer existed, and I was invited to move on due to the fact that as soon as my attention left my Muses, they had disappeared in a poof of joyous laughter. I wish those moments could have lasted FOREVER. Though, I knew if I was going to meet them again…

I was going to need to find my ass and sit it down at a piano…ASAP.