The Third String-The Lustful

A Human Named David
5 min readMar 6, 2021


Week 13

For six weeks now I was suspended in the dark by ropes that belonged to an unforgiving and ruthless puppeteer. Thus far, I had only freed my Self of one of the ropes which bound me to my slavery. I was extremely focused on the other eight not being too far behind to finally let me free to begin living my LIFE. I began to hear slight squeaks and clicks from the emptiness in front of me. The flapping of wings? I was cold. The darkness and the depths that I found my Self in smelled like a musty and moldy concrete basement. There were whiffs of any number of assortments of unfortunate odors. Manure, rotting, decaying, death.

The sound that I had heard belonged to three most disgusting looking devils. They flapped their unfortunate selves over to me while I hung in pain in the eternal black. I could make out the shape of their hairy reptilian bodies by the fiery glow emanating from their eyes. “Hey David, would you like to hear a little about Jennifer Lopez?” “There is a war, David. A big war! It was started by the president, David! A big war! Lots will die! Civilians, David! Would you like to read more?” “David, this pandemic is going to kill you and all of the people that you love. Read more! Look at all of these celebrities that have a lot of money, David. Celebrities! They act in movies! You should care a lot about the people that act in movies! Movies are important! That is your culture! Big news, David. Big news!”

The devils sometimes got so close to my ear that I could feel their whiskers against my cheek and smell their most horrid and horrifyingly offensive breath. “Get away from me you ugliness, you slime! I will hear none of your “news.” You attempt to disturb my PEACE, and for that I CAST YOU OFF!”

SNAP! The second rope broke from the wrist of my left arm. Both my first and second wounds, stemming from where my ropes were, suddenly filled with solid gold. I fell to the ground. Safe.

I wept in the arms of my Master. His velvet robes were soft and ever comfortable. His skin smelled of jasmine. The warmth of his touch soothed me so. It was as if I was in the embrace of the all forgiving Mother. There was heat. Sweat. Moisture. I started to drift into a most divine rest. I had been so cold…

“Get up, David,” my Master’s voice spoke from an impossibly far distance away. “Look where you have found your Self a most sensual rest.”

I had fallen in the arms of a structure. A body formed of Apple’s iPhones each projecting images of the most exploitative sort. The microphone and speaker portals of each device were oozing with secretion, puss, and ejaculation. Each of the devices had mouths and were moaning a most screeching and digital moan. The structure of this “lover” was pulsing and coming and writhing. I would have thought this demon capable of getting up to chase me, but it seemed incapable of even a crawl. I stood stunned and covered in sticky grime.

You have fallen for the exploited Woman. A product of violence. A captive. A woman who has been denied autonomy of her Self. A woman who has been forced into sexual slavery, denied privacy protections, and has been viciously deceived by the weakness and reckless childish abandon of empty and broken men.

This woman, who is asleep, thought that the iPhone video she allowed her lover to record would never find its way to the internet. Now her body and her generous love-making have found a “captive” audience all over the world. YOU ARE NOT TO BE THIS AUDIENCE FOR THEN YOU BECOME THE TORTURER! Google will recommend these videos. Reddit will recommend these videos. YouTube will recommend that you watch not only her video, but all of the videos related to her video. Now listen carefully…

If you choose to watch these videos and fantasize on all of the barbaric and perverted advertisements these corporations push with regularity, the government will have all excuses they need to imprison you for 25 years. This is why this technology exists! To end the people and to snatch them up by their genitalia. This is how their gods punish them! This behavior that you are witnessing all over the internet CANNOT translate to your actual Life! You cannot let it even get close! It is a trap! This is not sexuality! This is not even sex! It is a screen, YOU FOOL! You are being groomed constantly. Your sexuality hijacked. The internet has now become a trap. Let go! You cannot save these women. Let go right now. Your sex does not belong in front of a screen and in front of a camera. You are being recorded. You are being watched. Triggered for capture, David. You are perpetually triggered for imminent capture. MEDITATE ON THIS FOR ME!”

As I screamed in horror, I was dragged by my sex back up into the rafters where I wept for fourteen days for all of the women I’d never be able to protect from the endless supply of disturbed and demented mutations of Man.